Grant Writer Tip #1 The best way to correct errors in your grant proposal is to read out loud!

Hello fellow grant writers! Welcome to our blog.  Here we will share tips and  tricks on how to acquire grant funds, engage those with $$$ to give, and more importantly ways to keep your nonprofit afloat!  We’re all here for the same reason….to create change in our communities.  We hope that this blog will serve as a resource to inform and inspire you to use the skill of the pen to change the world…one word at a time!


Today’s tip:  Re-read your proposals, out loud!

Grant Writing


It’s easy to miss grammatical errors when you’ve been behind the computer for hours.  Our brains are so well developed, we automatically “correct” errors in spelling when reading words on a screen.  Check out this article published by Live Science to learn more about how impressive our brains really are! This automatic response makes it easy to miss spelling and other writing errors when drafting a grant proposal.  The easiest way to catch yourself is to read the narrative out loud!  When you hear yourself read, you’ll quickly catch mistakes.

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Happy Writing!