Grant Writing Consultants – The Insider Edition.

A little magic From one writer to another… Hi, I’m Lorinda. Working as a grant writer and trainer for more than a decade, I’m an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for supporting other business owners in their quest for success. Community causes are always at the forefront of my mind, and my hope is … Continue reading “Grant Writing Consultants – The Insider Edition.”

What is a Research Report?

A Research Report is a 2-5 page document containing information on active funding opportunities tailored to your specific funding goals. It gives you insider information to help craft a strategic approach to securing sustainable grant funding for your organization. This report is a powerful tool that will provide you more than just the names and … Continue reading “What is a Research Report?”

Grant Writing: An Investment

Why It’s Important to Invest in Grant Writing Can you imagine a restaurant that has no vegetarian dishes on their menu or a clothing boutique that only sells a size small?  Or how about a coffee shop that has no alternative milk options?  In today’s world, to be a successful business you must be forward thinking and … Continue reading “Grant Writing: An Investment”